Automatic Parking Assistant

By combining the affordable 3D/360-degree Surround View System hardware (4 cameras + 1 ECU) in junction with the typical 12 x ultrasonic parking sensors, oToBrite Automatic Parking System (APS) solution offers drivers a new Camera plus Sonar signals fusion-based, enhanced automatic parking experience. Traditional automatic parking system uses 4 side ultrasonic sensors to scan the available free parking space between parked vehicles. However, the detection successful rate isn’t high if there is no presence of two vehicles. The camera vision assisted parking technology can see the grid lines/points of parking space and can detect obstacles usually can’t be detected by ultrasonic sensors alone. Using AI/Deep Learning based algorithms and fusion technology, the parking experience can be greatly enhanced.

oToBrite developed auto parking system who used the around view system cameras and fusing ultrasonic radar. It could execute image recognition and environment perception for the parking space, parking line, parking number, limit stop and obstacles, so as to realize the full scenario automatic parking function. We used AI deep learning technology to recognize parking scenario and our parking space recognition rate about 86.9% now.


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