Commercial Vehicle Solution

oToGuard is equipped with 1 automotive-grade ECU system, 8 cameras, and vision-AI deep learning technology. The vision-AI algorithm can detect and classify different kinds of vehicles/pedestrian/two-wheeler riders/lane marking and other objects for different purpose. With 2 front-view cameras, it supports FCW, LDW, MOIS (UN R159) ADAS functions from 0~100 meters without blind spots. With 4 sideview cameras, it supports BSIS (UN R151) to protect vulnerable road users, especially pedestrian and two-wheeler riders within 40 meters without blind spot. With 1 rear view camera, it can support rearview monitoring and combine with other cameras mentioned above to support AVM as well. With 1 in-cabin IR camera, the vision-AI algorithm can recognize over 100 drivers’ identification and categorize over 10 kinds of driving status. Furthermore, its less than 20 centimeter high-precision lane detection can operate on straight and curve roads with a radius over 250m which allows the vehicle to enable level 2+ ADAS functions such as ACC, AEB, LCA, LKA, etc.


Product Key Features

  • One system for 360-degree and in-cabin ADAS solution with automotive-grade camera & ECU
  • Vision-AI technology to support Level 0 to Level 2+ functions
  • Built-in time-synced event video recording for fleet management 
  • Built-in OTA ability to make driving easier and safer over time
  • Comply with UN regulation for heavy commercial vehicles

Product System Architecture


Product Specifications


Hardware info

Item Spec.
Display 1 x Display port, 2 LVDS/TVI (optional)
CAN bus 4 x CAN/CAN-FD
Ethernet 1 x Gigabit (RJ45), 1 x 100 Base-T
USB 1 x 3.0 Type A
Storage extension Micro-SD card slot


ADAS functions

Item Spec.
Level 0 AVM, BSIS (UN R151)/BSD, DMS, FCW, LDW (UN R130), MOIS (UN R159), REIS (UN R158), etc.
Level 2+ (perception ready) ACC, LCA, LKA, etc.


General info

Item Spec.
Operation Voltage DC 9-32V
Power Consumption 15W
IP rating ECU: IP51, Camera: IP67/69K (DMS camera: IP5X)
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Storage temperature Range -40℃ ~ +95℃
Reliability ISO 16750-4 / IEC 60068-2
EMC ISO 16750-2 / ISO 10605 / VSCC 56-3

Product Document

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Brochure oToGuard Download


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