Interposer Board

oToBrite interposer board "oToDas 700T" is the best solution to connect and synchronize multiple LVDS cameras for the customers who use nVidia Jetson Xavier EV kit or nVidia Jetson Xavier SOM/nVidia Jetson NX SOM embedded carrier boards with nVidia designated B2B connector"Samtec QTH-060-07-H-D-A".oToDAS 700T will receive the video and deserialize it to MIPI CSI 2 format, then the data will be sent to the EC kit and the platform in real time.

Items Spec. Note
Voltage (Typical) 12V



Up to 8 x FPD-Link III Coax

Refer to Table 1

Deserializer TI FPD-Link III, DS90UB960 2 pieces
Coax Input Connectors Amphenol FK1252ZW-030-TLCP5G-50,Code Z, R/A, Coaxial connector 8 pieces
B to B Connector Samtec QTH-060-07-H-D-A  
Power Connector Hirose DF51A-5P-2DSA  
Dimension (X/Y/Z) 91mm*87.8mm*1.6mm Exclude the height of components
Operating Temperature -40 to +85℃  
Storage Temperature -40 to +95℃  

Product Document

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