Company Overview

Driving Easier and Safer

Founded in 2013, oToBrite is a leading vision-AI, ADAS and autonomous driving solutions provider. Based in Hsinchu Science Park, oToBrite has an IATF 16949 certified clean room factory and many years of experience as an automotive Tier-1 supplier. Through comprehensive research and development capabilities, oToBrite provides vision-AI algorithms, ECU/domain controllers and automotive-grade/special-purpose camera products.

oToBrite’s development team has years of extensive experience in automotive image processing development. When the company was first established, it took on the challenge of making "factory-installed products" as its strategy and cooperated with brand automakers to provide high-quality and high-reliability automotive products. oToBrite is committed to assisting clients in achieving easier and safer autonomous driving by proactively developing advanced technology, including deep learning, embedded systems, 5/6 axis active alignment, etc.

At oToBrite, our team works closely with customers to understand and solve the requirements in every aspect of software and hardware to provide high-quality products. Having over a decade’s experience in relevant fields, we encompass in-depth knowledge regarding the technical aspects of advanced technologies and customer needs, thereby providing vehicles that can now easily detect and identify various objects, pedestrians, lane markings, and drivable space. Besides, oToBrite has also entered the special-purpose AIOT market by developing high-end camera modules to realize the future of smart living with Vision-AI technology.


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