Compensation & Benefits

oToBrite provides competitive compensation packages and benefits. We expect that all of our employees to grow with the company and enjoy its returns.


The company provides competitive salaries, with salary adjustment plans conducted annually, based on the company’s profitability and employees’ performance.


We offer various bonus and stock incentives to reward employees for performance excellence. The payout is based on corporate profitability, overall performance of an employee’s team, and his/her personal contribution.


oToBrite provides insurance plans for employees in accordance with government laws, including the national health insurance and labor insurance. Travel insurance is also given for employees on business trips.

Health Management/Medical Care:

The company provides health check packages for new employees upon joining the company, and for incumbent employees on an annual basis.


oToBrite provides different leave types in compliance with government laws, such as annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, and menstruation leave.

Legal Protection:

The company signs a labor contract with its employees to specify each other’s rights and obligations. It also provides medical and retirement insurance packages/funds in accordance with government laws.


The company offers subsidies or gifts on occasions like weddings, funerals, and other events for employees. It also organizes various activities for employees, such as year-end parties, birthday celebrations, and family gatherings.

Retirement Plans:

oToBrite provides retirement plans for employees in Taiwan in accordance with the Labor Standards Law, including paying 6 percent of the employees' wages to their individual retirement accounts.

For employees of its subsidiary companies in China, oToBrite submits retirement insurance fees by month to local governments' finance departments in accordance with relevant regulations.


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