Automotive Camera (8MP)

DriveVision Series

The oToCAM 8MP resolution series is an automotive grade camera for the application of autonomous driving system. It uses high sensitive CMOS sensor to perform good image quality for the detection purpose of the system product. The sensor type includes IMX728 and provide various view angles ex.  70 / 110  suitable for various autonomous driving system provider.

About output format, we provide TI FPD-LINK III and Maxim GMSL. In addition, the entire series are waterproof and dustproof IP67/69K, operating temperature range up to -40~ +85/105, providing customers with the highest reliability and stability.

Model Sensor Type View Angle Output Fomat Outline
oToCAM265-C30M IMX 424 30.0 GMSL2 / Maxim 9295a ID 6
oToCAM265-C60M IMX 424 62.5 GMSL2 / Maxim 9295a ID 6
oToCAM265-C120M IMX 424 120.0 GMSL2 / Maxim 9295a ID 6
oToCAM266-C60M AR0820 62.5 GMSL2 / Maxim 9295a ID 6
oToCAM271-N70M IMX728 70 GMSL2 / Maxim 9295a ID 6
oToCAM271-C110M IMX728 110 GMSL2 / Maxim 9295a ID 6
oToCAM272-N70M IMX728 70 GMSL2 / Maxim 96717 ID 6
oToCAM272-C110M IMX728 110 GMSL2 / Maxim 96717 ID 6


8MP Camera Series Product Datasheet

Type Model PDF
Datasheet oToCAM271-C110M Download
Datasheet oToCAM271-N70M Download
Datasheet oToCAM272-C110M Download
Datasheet oToCAM272-N70M Download
Datasheet oToCAM265-C30M Download
Datasheet oToCAM265-C60M Download
Datasheet oToCAM265-C120M Download
Datasheet oToCAM266-C60M Download


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