Smart Rear View System

The smart rear view system enhances the existing rear camera's capabilities to support four major functions: rear view image display, multi-angle view display (including corner view or top view), static and moving object detection, and rear cross traffic alert (RCTA). Through vision-AI technology, it can enable rear view images with static and moving object detection and RCTA (Rear Cross-Traffic Alert) functions. In terms of static and moving object detection, this technology focuses on detecting both vulnerable road users (VRU) and vehicles, including children, pedestrians, and two-wheelers.


Product Key Features

  • Support multiple smart functions with only rear-view image and vision-AI technology including multi-angle view, static and moving object detection, and rear cross traffic alarm (RCTA)
  • Detection range for RCTA is up to 6m behind the rear of vehicle and 20m in width
  • Static and moving object detection can support vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRU) including children, pedestrians, and two-wheelers

Product Detection Area


Product Specifications


Item Spec.
Voltage Range 9V~16V
Video Input Format TVI
Video Output Format TVI
Dimensions 80 x 100 x 27mm

1MP Camera (oToCAM163)

Item Spec.
Sensor OV9716
HDR 120dB
View Angle(H/V) 183.6°/ 117.5°
Output Format TVI
Frame Rate 30 fps (default setting)
Dimensions 23 x 23 x 27.7mm (without Bracket)

Product Document

Type Model PDF
Brochure Smart Rear View System Download


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