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Automated Parking Assist & Automated Valet Parking System

oToBrite utilizes vision-AI technology with four surround-view cameras and an ECU to enable automatic parking assist (APA). It can recognize over a hundred parking scenarios, perform ultra-low obstacle detection, detect parking spaces, identify parking numbers, and detect vulnerable road users. Besides that, combined with VSLAM (visual simultaneous localization and mapping) technology and one front camera for navigation, APA can be upgraded to Automated Valet Parking (AVP). oToBrite has developed and mass-produced an AVP system supporting up to one kilometer of memorized parking routes. The self-developed VSLAM technology can generate parking lot maps without HD maps, allowing the vehicle to perceive parking spaces and position itself in the parking lot. The system also have the capabilities of autonomous circling and obstacle avoidance in the memorized parking lot until parking to an available space. Furthermore, it offers a mobile summon feature, allowing the vehicle to autonomously depart from the parking space and drive to a user-specified location when retrieving the vehicle.


Product Key Features

Automated Parking Assist (APA)

  • Support over 100+ types of parking lots
  • Full coverage in parking lots with dead end parking space detection
  • Object classification with 10+ types especially low-height obstacles
  • Enhanced protection for vulnerable road users  
  • Parking spot number recognition for easier pick-up

Automated Valet Parking (AVP)

  • Memorize up to 1km routes without reconstruction of parking lots 
  • Fusion with non-semantic and semantic VSLAM technology to support indoor and outdoor parking lots, including over 100 types of parking spaces
  • Capable of autonomous circling within parking lots until parking into an available space
  • Support valet parking and summon with one-time mapping 


Product Specifications


Automated Parking Assist (APA)

Item Spec.
Environmental Illumination ≧ 5 Lux
Vehicle Speed

● Searching phase: ≦ 20 km/hr

● Reversing phase: ≦ 5 km/hr

Ground Pattern Asphalt, bricks paver, concrete, epoxy, grass paver, PU (Polyurethane)
VRU Sensing Range 6 meters (wide) x 5 meters (long) in the front and rear side of the vehicle, and 5 meters (wide) x 6 meters (long) in each side of the vehicle.
Classified Obstacles Curb, locked/unlocked parking lock, people, pillar, speed bump, traffic cone, two-wheelers rider, vehicle, wall, wheel stopper

*VRU: Pedestrians, children, and two-wheelers rider


Automated Valet Parking (AVP)

Item Spec.
Memorizable Parking Route Distance Max: 1000m
Number of Memorized Map Max: 10
Environmental Illumination ≧ 15 Lux
Vehicle Speed ≦ 15 km/hr
Localization Error ≦20cm

Product Document

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