oToBrite Imager is a device supports oToBrite’s AD cameras with multiple functions such as live view, video recording, playback and image capture. It will facilitate customers to
evaluate the image quality of oToBrite’s cameras before connecting to their devices. An user-friendly and UVC compliance AP developed by oToBrite will let customer connect camera to Windows 10 PC via USB connector for easy installation and operation.

Items Spec. Note
Voltage (Typical) 5V+/-5%

USB input Voltage


1 x FPD-Link, TI954/ Maxim 9296


Weights 88 g  
Power Consumption Max. 700 mA at 5Vdc/25 ℃             Power consumption differs by using different cameras.
Coax Input Connectors Fakra 3606TTG00Z7 2 pieces
USB Power Connector Micro USB 3.0 Type B Jack  
Dimension (X/Y/Z) 53/76/32 (Unit : mm) Exclude the protrusion of FAKRA connectors

Product Document

Type Product PDF
User Manual Imager Download
Brochure Imager Download


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