oToParking –自主停車系統 

oToBrite 利用視覺AI技術、四個環視攝影機和一個ECU來實現自動停車輔助 (APA)。 系統可以辨識超過一百多種的停車場景,執行超低障礙物偵測、偵測停車位、停車號碼及弱勢道路使用者。 除此之外,結合VSLAM(視覺同步定位和地圖構建)技術和一個用於導航的前視鏡頭,APA可以升級為自動停車系統(AVP)。oToBrite 開發並量產了AVP自動停車系統,支援長達一公里的記憶停車路線。自主研發的VSLAM技術無需高清地圖即可產生停車場地圖,讓車輛感知車位並在停車場定位。該系統還具有在記憶停車場內自主環繞和避障的能力,直到停放至可用車位。此外,它還提供移動召喚功能,允許車輛在取車時自動離開停車位,並行駛到使用者指定的位置。


Product Key Features

Automated Parking Assist (APA)

  • ◆ Support over 100+ types of parking lots
  • ◆ Full coverage in parking lots with dead end parking space detection
  • ◆ Object classification with 10+ types especially low-height obstacles
  • ◆ Enhanced protection for vulnerable road users  
  • ◆ Parking spot number recognition for easier pick-up

Automated Valet Parking (AVP)

  • ◆ Memorize up to 1km routes without reconstruction of parking lots 
  • ◆ Fusion with non-semantic and semantic VSLAM technology to support indoor and outdoor parking lots, including over 100 types of parking spaces
  • ◆ Capable of autonomous circling within parking lots until parking into an available space
  • ◆ Support valet parking and summon with one-time mapping 


Product Specifications


Automated Parking Assist (APA)

Item Spec.
Environmental Illumination ≧ 5 Lux
Vehicle Speed

● Searching phase: ≦ 20 km/hr

● Reversing phase: ≦ 5 km/hr

Ground Pattern Asphalt, bricks paver, concrete, epoxy, grass paver, PU (Polyurethane)
VRU Sensing Range 6 meters (wide) x 5 meters (long) in the front and rear side of the vehicle, and 5 meters (wide) x 6 meters (long) in each side of the vehicle.
Classified Obstacles Curb, locked/unlocked parking lock, people, pillar, speed bump, traffic cone, two-wheelers rider, vehicle, wall, wheel stopper

*VRU: Pedestrians, children, and two-wheelers rider


Automated Valet Parking (AVP)

Item Spec.
Memorizable Parking Route Distance Max: 1000m
Number of Memorized Map Max: 10
Environmental Illumination ≧ 15 Lux
Vehicle Speed ≦ 15 km/hr
Localization Error ≦30cm

Product Document

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