BSIS(UN R151) + MOIS(UN R159)

Blind Spot Information System.Moving Off Information System

由於大型車的車側、車前盲區範圍廣,不易察覺周遭用路人,且車輛轉彎時易因內輪差導致人員傷亡。歐特明的BSIS(盲區偵測警示系統)依據商用車(M2、M3、N2 和 N3)的 UN R151法規需求設計,可以在車輛轉彎前,提供給駕駛盲區內行人與騎士的偵測警示,以減少碰撞事故發生。此外,本產品只需增加一組車用相機模組,即可擴充MOIS(前方起步盲區偵測警示)功能,同時符合UN R159標準。MOIS系統的主要目的是偵測並通知駕駛,車輛前方盲點區域是否有行人或騎士通過。本系統是可同時滿足 UN R151 和 UN R159 法規要求的完美解決方案。



System Signals

Signal Type Triggered criteria LED Status
Information Signal (IS)

When vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) are detected in IS area, and the scenarios meet test case in UN R151 (BSIS) / R159 (MOIS)

Yellow LED flashing
Warning Signal (WS) When vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) are detected in WS area and/or TTC criteria meets regulations of UN R151 (BSIS) / R159 (MOIS) Red LED flashing
Failure Signal (FS)

● When system failure is detected.

● When BSIS / MOIS cannot operate properly due to cameras being covered by ice, snow, mud, dirt, etc. or due to ambient light conditions.

Yellow LED always on


Detection Conditions

Cyclist Moving speed 5km/h ~ 20km/h
Pedestrian Height of pedestrian 90cm and moving speed 1km/h~10km/h
Installation restriction

BSIS camera wing is installed at the right side of vehicle with height > 2m 

MOIS camera cover is installed in the center of the car's front end with height > 2.5m

Ambient light ≧ 15 Lux



BSIS Product

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